Happy Birthday To Us!

Its our first birthday!

MetroWest Creative has officially existed for about a year now. Which is astounding considering how many small businesses do not survive their first year. And what a year this last one has been!

Over the past year we have expanded our circle of clients and friends to include over 20 different businesses and organizations in MetroWest. We have been fortunate enough to have partnered with some very exciting, up and coming businesses in the area and hope they continue to prosper and help make the MetroWest an amazing place to live and work. We are incredibly thankful to have been able to contribute to their growth and look forward to continuing our partnerships with them.

We have met some incredible people as a result of what we do and learned so much. Every day is a new challenge and a new learning experience, and every project is as interesting as the last one. We have worked with IT companies, restaurants, bakeries, bars, insurance companies, event management companies, crossfitters, singers, dj’s, and even a saddle making company. It is impossible to ever be bored at the office as there’s always something new and exciting to do.

We have started to take steps in directions we never imagined we ever would. We started to see what else our clients needed and dove right in to trying to make that happen. We started studying up on videography, video animation and photography. We also expanded just how much we can provide from a web design standpoint. Amongst a few other things, we have been able to steadily increase the services we provide. We also have just gotten better at the things we do in general. All of the experience have gotten over the course of this last year has been invaluable. We want to truly be the number one resource for smaller to medium sized businesses in the area when it comes to marketing and we believe that we are taking the right steps to do that.

Though, It hasn’t just been all sunshine and roses.

This past year has been one of many highs and lows and lots of struggles. Starting any business is always difficult and truthfully there were moments when it felt like the best thing to do was to just pack it all up and call it quits. Luckily we perservered and over the past 6 months things have been trending in the right direction, as we learned to embrace the challenge and uncertainty that comes with running your own business. We started to see every day as a learning experience to make ourselves better and we like to think that we are a lot better than we were a year ago. We know there will be a lot more challenges ahead and it will be difficult but well be ready.

So why are we celebrating our 1-ish birthday?

Well first, I have been doing what MetroWest Creative does on a more freelance level for over 5 years. So while MetroWest Creative may be celebrating its one year, its hard to draw a line between where Freelance Designer ends and MetroWest Creative truly begins.
Secondly, I also don’t remember the exact date last year when we filed the paper work to form the company but I know it was in the first half of February. Even after we filed our paperwork we took some time to organize before we produced any real work so its hard to define when exactly we started.

We’d like to thank everyone who trusted us enough to hire us, which kept our lights on. We’d like to thank everyone who has appreciated our work enough to refer us to a friend or colleague. And we’d like to thank everyone who helped us out when times got rough and helped us thrive. We hope we can pay back your trust by producing quality work for years to come.

Cheers to a great year,
And hopes for better ones to come.

More About Us: https://www.metrowestcreative.com/about-us/


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