Social Media Management vs. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management vs. Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Management is essentially the Day-to-Day management of your social media profiles and posts. Things such as the planning, scheduling and actually creating your content every day/week/month as well as making sure your profiles are always up to date.

The other part of it is interacting and doing the social part of social media. Commenting, liking, sharing, and following. The reason you do this is to build a true following of people who really care about your stuff by just being active and engaging with the people who engage with you. Which will build brand loyalty and that will pay off in the longer term.

Social Media Marketing comprises of using those same social media posts you should be creating every day or other content you created to spread awareness of your brand outside of your normal circle of influence aka your followers. You want these new people who have just been exposed to your brand or business to either follow you so you can grow your social media presence or to go to your website where you can hopefully convert them into a customer or a sale.

Social Media Marketing is more targeted and can allow you to reach people that you cannot necessarily reach through your regular social media management.

Now you might be thinking that both of these terms seem to be the same thing because at the end of the day you want them to do something right? You want them to either follow you or go on your website. And like I said in the beginning these terms are very similar and they truly blur the lines but its that slight differentiation that makes all the difference.

Another way to see it is that social media management is a more long term strategy where you’re building your following organically through relationship building while social media marketing is a more short term strategy as you will get quite a lot of new people exposed to your content, which will result in more followers and more website visits during the period that your ad is running.

So which is more important?

Truthfully, Both.
Having both ideas aligned in your mind and working together is really the best way to grow your brand / business on social media as one supplements the other. If you create great enough content you should have no trouble using that same content to target and market your brand or business to continuously grow your followers as well as your customers and leads. And on the flip side, Social Media Marketing should bring you more followers which you can build a relationship with using your regular Social Media Management Strategies

One Final Tip:

Start with Social Media Management at first because you want to have a solid base of both content and followers before you start sending people to your profile with social media marketing. You want to have enough content where the people who end up looking at your profile will see you as legitimate because people view social media statistics such as likes and followers as a form of social proof so I suggest starting to build a small following before you start putting dollars behind your content with social media marketing.

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